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Pipe Downstream Equipements

Vaccum Sizing Tank ,  Cooling Tank.png

Vacuum Sizing Tank

Special Features

  • Stable and efficient cooling.

  • Quick start up as seals maintain vacuum at out of shape pipe.

  • Simple operations.

  • Fully welded tank shell construction of stainless steel.

  • Connection to line control.

  • Proportional level and temperature control, resulting in a more stable water level.

  • Intensive cooling to guarantee a high level of production rate.

  • Manual slide rail arrangement for axial and traverse movement of the tank.

  • Lids casted in aluminum.

  • Better filters for the screen–larger area of filtration–auto cleaning.

  • Separate circuits for vacuum and water spray.

Traction Unit.png

Tube Traction Unit

Special Features

  • Integrated synchronization of the precise line.

  • Multi belt – 2/4/6 belts – ovality free pipes.

  • Minimum velocity range significantly decreased.

  • Different line speeds can be changed by changing the sprockets (on request)

  • Higher pulling force. Bigger pneumatic cylinders with a high clamping force.

  • Long contact length.

  • Quick diameter change.

  • Very low chain wear.

  • Extra-wide pads made of imported rubber.

  • Slip control.

  • Servo Design (can be provided on request)

Tube Cutting Unit 

Special Features

  • Suitable for PE and PVC pipe high-speed lines.

  • Low noise due to acrylic cover (on request).

  • Multiple lengths of cutting in a single line.

  • During production, parameters for cutting can be set.

  • Clean and dust-free cuts.

  • Unmatched cutter quality.

Cutting Unit.png
Tilting Unit.png

Pipe Tilting Unit

Special Features

  • Rigid heavy-duty MS structure

  • Rubber pad made from imported rubber

  • Pneumatically operated

  • The operation of two limit switches – one for pipe cutter feedback and others for tilting the pipe



Single Screw & Barrel - Vented Type. Barrier Type, Maddock – Barrier Type, Grooved Feed Type, Ring, Plunger & Torpedo.



Twin Screw & Barrel like Kabra, Windsor, Rollepaal, Theysohn, Krauss Maffei and many more.

2K PNG without shadow 2.png

Twin Screw Extruders

CPVC/ RPVC/ UPVC Pipe Extrusion Plant for applications like Electrical Conduits, SWR, Plumbing, Casing, Column, Agriculture. Output Range - 100 Kg/hr to 1500 Kg/hr


Single Screw Extruders 

PE/ PPR Pipe Extrusion Plants for applications like Agriculture, Sprinkler, Chemical Industry, Gas, Telecom duct. Output Range - 60 Kg/hr to 1500 Kg/hr.

Mixer Machine.png

High Speed Heater Cooler Mixer Machine

High speed Heater Cooler mixers for Rigid PVC and Soft PVC compounding applications. These are designed considering high/ low filled compound application as per customer’s requirement. 

Garden Hose Pipe Extrusion Lines.jpg

Garden Hose Pipe Plant

Garden Hose Pipe Extrusion Plant for Soft PVC Pipes. Output Range - 60 Kg/hr to 120 Kg/hr.

Vaccum Sizing Tank ,  Cooling Tank.png

Downstream Equipment

Downstream Equipment Like Vacuum Tank, Cooling Tank, Tube Traction Unit, Tube Cutting Unit, Tube Tilting Unit & Automatic Coiler Unit.  



We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer & exporter of standard and customized Single and Twin (parallel / conical) Screw and Barrel, All Kinds of Pipe Extrusion Plant & High-Speed Heater-Cooler Mixer machine. We are established since 1992 with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Dhamatvan, Ahmedabad spread in a plot area of 20,000 sq. meter.

Till date, we have served more than 5000 customers in the World and exported our products in 37 Countries.